IMPORTANT CHANGE! Round 2 will Start at Midnight on Tuesday!

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IMPORTANT CHANGE! Round 2 will Start at Midnight on Tuesday!

Post  aKristopovich on Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:30 am

Round 2 will start 24 hours later than it was originally planned
Round 1 will still end at Midnight on Monday, but the reason for this is so people's kills will get posted before Round 2 starts, and so we know who is officially in Round 2.

We don't want any confusion.
Because people are gonna be up till the last minute trying to get from 3 kills to 4 to move on to the next round.
So instead of having a single minute be the difference from round 1 to round 2, we will wait 24 hours.
that way it will be official who is in round 2 rather than people being unsure which teams made it.

If you don't post the kill before 4pm Tuesday, (giving you 16 hours if you kill someone with 1 minute to go before round 1 ends) then you will not recieve the kill, and that person will still be alive

so just to clear it up again:
the midnight between Monday and Tuesday is when Round 1 ENDS
the midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday is when Round 2 STARTS
All of Tuesday is a BLANK day, where no killing or dying can take place, regroup yourselves, those who got brought back to life: breathe in the fresh air, for some of you it's been a while. get yourselves together for 24 hours, cause in a day you gotta go kill some mutha fuckas


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