Results to be final tonight at MIDNIGHT

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Results to be final tonight at MIDNIGHT Empty Results to be final tonight at MIDNIGHT

Post  aKristopovich on Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:12 pm

well Round 2 is over, and people have until midnight to post there kills

i think it's pretty obvious that The Apostles won, but this is really a decider between 2nd and 3rd place

great job to everyone, despite the huge amount of discrepincies

I hope that you enjoyed how Ryan Song, Scott Konkowski, and I took care of the game. We tried as hard as we could to make a set list of rules and stick to them. But of course being 3 judges that weren't at any of the scenes of the discrepincies we could only do so much, and unfortunately compromise alot.

I hope that all fights that were caused from this game are not long term, because despite the big amount of money, it is in fact just a GAME!

so thank you to all for playing, and enjoy your money Killiaen, Brian, Evan, and Rob


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